Charles F. Keck

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"After the Storm"

"Alysian Park, Los Angeles" c.1940

"Gathering the Beans" c.1940

"Horses on the Hill" c.1940

"Irrigation Ditch Near Oxnard"

"Simi Valley - Autumn" c.1940

"Woman with Yellow Umbrella" c.1940

"Worker's House" c.1940

"Woman with Yellow Scarf"

"Farm North of Los Angeles"

"House Under the Sycamores"

"Row of Trees"

"Storm Clouds"

"Hay Bales"

"Desert Shack"

"Red Hopper"

"Country Houses"

"Fishing from the Rocks"

"Storm Coming"

"Bean Wagon"

"Blue Colored Ranch"

"Blue Truck in Landscape"

"Bridge Over Reservoir"

"Broken Down Fence"

"Bunker Hill House c. 1940"

"Cement Yard"

"Dairy Farm"

"Farm against the Hill"

"Farm Near Ocean"
(Exhibited Laguna Art Museum)

"Gravel Pit"

"Green Factory Building"

"Green Rolling Hills"

"Hay Bales on Farm"

"Hollister Peak"

"House in Meadow"

"House with Telephone Poles"

"Morning Sunlight c. 1940"
(Exhibited: Southern Printmakers, Georgia)

"Near the Tracks"

"Pipe Smoker on the Boulvard"

"Rainy Day"

"Red Barn with Horse"

"Red Roofed House with Telephone Poles"

"Stone House with Windmill, Shadow Hills, CA"

"Tan Hills with Blue Roof Farm"

"The Factory"

"The Inlet, Alaska, c.1941"


"Windmill on the Hill c. 1940"

"Woman Sitting Under Cherry Trees"
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