About the Gallery

California Art Gallery was originally located in Laguna Beach in 1990. The gallery has been a sustaining supporter of several museum shows pertaining to the Scene Painters. Now working on line, you can see a larger number of beautiful watercolors and oils painted by this genre of artists.

The gallery's contemporary artist is Liliana Simanton, a plein air oil painter. She paints in her own distinctive painting style. She focus on landscapes, seascapes, mountains, coastals, and indian scenes.

California Art Gallery focuses on the Early California Scene Painters (watercolors from 1925 - 1955) and has produced 5 catalogs on individual artists from this period.

Also you will find California Impressionists (oils from 1900 - 1940).

Sandy Hunter is the founder of the gallery and a long time collector of Early California and fine art. There are only a few galleries in the United States that specialize in the early watercolor painters and offer their work for sale. As a fine art collector, you may still find some of these paintings at California Art Gallery. We will be happy to assist you in the purchase of a little California history.

We are always actively purchasing and selling early California art. Please feel free to contact us regarding any early California paintings that you are interested in selling.

Email at: sandy@californiaartgallery.com

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